10 BEST Delsey Luggage Pieces of 2023


Delsey Paris makes a wide range of great luggage with solid construction and stylish designs. But there are so many to choose from! How do you know what is the best Delsey suitcase to buy?

I’ve delved deep into the entire Delsey product range to find the hidden gems that stand out from the rest. I am an avid traveler and have high expectations from my gear, so every pick is based on specific real-world experience about what works during travel and what doesn’t.

Founded in 1946, Delsey Paris has been at the forefront of luggage innovation for over 75 years. I’ve always associated Paris with luxury and style, and Delsey definitely delivers that with their timeless designs and high-quality materials. One of the best things about Delsey is that they offer a huge range of suitcases. No matter what you’re looking for, they have something that will work for you.

Of course, that does mean you have to sift through all the options. I’ll outline 10 of the best Delsey suitcases you can buy and dive into where each one excels (or falls short) so you can pick the best one for you.

  1. Best Delsey Luggage Overall: Delsey Turenne Carry-On
  2. Best Budget Delsey Luggage: Delsey Raspail Duffel Bag
  3. Best Delsey Carry-On Luggage: Delsey Helium DLX Carry-On
  4. Best Delsey Checked Luggage: Delsey Helium Aero 25”
  5. Best Delsey Hardside Luggage: Delsey Chatelet Air 2.0 24”
  6. Best Delsey Softside Luggage: Delsey Skymax 2.0 Carry-On
  7. Best Small Delsey Luggage: Delsey Helium DLX Underseater
  8. Best Large Delsey Luggage: Delsey Peugeot Voyages 29” Trunk
  9. Best Delsey Luggage Set: Delsey ST Tropez 2-Piece Set
  10. Best Delsey Duffel Bag: Delsey Raspail 28”

Delsey makes fantastic hardside luggage with spinner wheels and durable polycarbonate shells. They are one of the best luggage brands out there and have tons of great products to choose from. If you’re looking for the absolute best one in their lineup though, I recommend the Turenne Carry-On.

This sleek carry-on bag is durable, lightweight, and packed with awesome features to streamline your travel experience.

The outer shell is made with 100% polycarbonate. This material is used in most high-end hardside luggage and is both lightweight and tough. That means this suitcase can survive some abuse. Don’t worry if you accidentally drop it from the overhead bin (though you may want to watch your head).

Plus, it’s very lightweight at just over 6 lbs, which means less weight to drag around and lift. Maybe it’s light enough that you won’t drop it anyway!

The best feature is the large easy-access front pocket. I’m a huge fan of exterior pockets on carry-on luggage, it just makes it way easier to keep essentials like electronics, books, and passports within easy reach without having to open the main compartment of your bag. The Turenne Carry-On exterior pocket has a padded laptop sleeve and plenty of smaller compartments for keeping everything neat and organized.

This high-end carry-on also features smooth double spinner wheels, internal tie-down straps, a TSA-approved lock, and luxurious soft-touch polyester lining. You’ll have all the bells and whistles you could possibly need.

Delsey Turenne Carry-On Specs:

Dimensions 21″ x 13″ x 9″
Capacity 38L
Weight 6.2 lbs

If you’re looking for affordable luggage, a rolling duffel bag is probably the way to go. While they aren’t known for being sleek and stylish, duffel bags are simple to build (meaning they cost less) and simple to use (and who doesn’t like that).

The Delsey Raspail Duffel Bag is simple, durable, and very affordable. The rugged coated fabric makes this Delsey luggage waterproof (or at least pretty close. I wouldn’t toss it in a lake though), and the chunky wheels roll easily over rugged terrain. Is it sleek, modern, and refined? No, not really. But it gets the job done, lets you save money, and will last for years.

The overall design of this Delsey luggage piece is super simple. You get a massive wide-opening main compartment, a mesh pocket in the lid, a single exterior pocket on the bottom, and a compression strap at either end of the main compartment to hold everything in place. These elastic straps are a bit flimsy, but they do the job.

There’s not much organization, so if you like to keep things neat and tidy, you might want something else. The huge open space works great for any just-toss-it-in packers out there.

Delsey Raspail Duffel Bag Specs:

Dimensions 22″ x 12″ x 11″
Capacity 47L
Weight 4.7 lbs

Whenever possible, I try to travel with only carry-on luggage. Checking bags typically costs more and is always a bit of a hassle. I don’t like stressing about whether my checked suitcase will arrive at the same place as me or end up on the other side of the globe (worse things happen).

Whether you’re an ultralight traveler or you’re packing to the max, having a good carry-on is an absolute essential for travel. The Helium DLX Carry-On offers expandable luggage with spinner wheels, a slick softshell design, and loads of convenient features. Bonus? It’s pretty affordable too.

I’m personally a big fan of softside bags for carry-on luggage in particular. They are lighter, more flexible, and have more exterior pockets for keeping essentials handy. The Helium DLX capitalizes on those advantages. It weighs under 6.7 lbs and has two external pockets; one is large enough for a laptop.

The dual-density double spinner wheels are easy to maneuver and do a great job at smoothing out the ride. I’ve seen spinner wheels break over rough surfaces like cobblestones, though, so if you’ll be heading off smooth paved streets, I recommend two-wheeled rolling luggage for better durability.

The soft-touch handles make for easy carrying and lifting. I’m always a fan of having as many handles as possible so you can get the best leverage when lifting carry-on bags into the overhead compartment, and this case has plenty.

You also get tie-down straps, internal zippered pockets, a removable/washable lining, and a removable pouch for keeping smaller items organized. There’s no shortage of organization here!

The biggest bummer is that you can only choose between three boring colors: gray, black, and navy.

Delsey Helium DLX Carry-On Specs:

Dimensions 23″ x 14″ x 10″
Capacity 46L
Weight 6.7 lbs

While softside suitcases are great for carry-on bags, hardside bags are much more protective, making them great for checked luggage to protect your stuff during transit.

The Helium Aero 25” is a durable hardside expandable luggage with a sleek, stylish design and maximum protection for your packed belongings. It is secure, durable, and easy to pack.

This case starts with a solid polycarbonate hard shell. Polycarbonate is typically used in more expensive high-end bags, so it’s pretty awesome that this relatively affordable Delsey suitcase is made with the same tough material. It’s lightweight, strong, and scratch-resistant.

I love that this hard-sided suitcase is expandable. That adds a lot of versatility and gives you extra luggage space when you need it.

If you need a solid piece of checke luggage, the Delsey Paris Helium Aero is a great option.

Delsey Helium Aero 25″ Specs:

Dimensions 27″ x 18″ x 11″
Capacity 89L
Weight 10.2 lbs

Lets face it, there is a lot of cheap, boring-looking hardside luggage out there. With flimsy ABS cases, basic features, and Walmart-esque aesthetics, most hardside suitcases leave a lot to be desired.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, you need hardside luggage that is well-built and well-designed. A stylish and functional hardside case can make a huge difference in your travels.

The Delsey Chatelet Air 2.0 is a great-looking suitcase that combines sleek retro styling with high-tech modern construction. The shell is made from durable, scratch-resistant polycarbonate material, the interior uses recycled water bottles, and the organization features are amazing.

The first thing that stands out about this hardside suitcase is the styling. Most hard luggage these days tends to look very modern, cold, and even industrial. Not so with the Chatelet Air. The retro styling of this case is a throwback to travel bags of the last century, with vegan leather trims, rich colors, and a design inspired by French architecture. You’ll truly be traveling in style with this suitcase.

It’s not all just for show, either. The faux leather corner details hide reinforced corner bumpers that increase the impact-resistance of the polycarbonate shell.

This hardside wheeled luggage is also super secure. Not only is the shell nearly unbreakable, but it has built-in TSA-approved locks. Plus, this bag features Delsey’s SECURITECH 2 zipper: a two-layer design that is three times as tamper-resistant as normal zippers.

The interior packing space is incredibly well laid out; it has some of the best organization I’ve come across. There is a zippered divider on either side and plenty of smaller pockets for keeping everything in place.

Delsey Chatelet Air 2.0 24″ Specs:

Dimensions 26.3″ x 17.8″ x 11.3″
Capacity 69L
Weight 9.1 lbs

I do still think there are a lot of advantages to softside bags. I like that they are typically lighter, more versatile, and (maybe most important) less expensive.

Delsey prides themselves on having the best quality-to-price ratio on the market, which is a good reason in itself to buy Delsey luggage.

I think the Delsey Skymax 2.0 Carry-On is a great example of this. Coming in at a very affordable price, this carry-on bag skips fancy features in favor of a tried-and-true design and timeless style. It works, and it works well.

The design is fairly standard for a softside suitcase: it’s a simple piece of expandable luggage with spinner wheels, a sturdy telescopic handle, two exterior pockets, and a handful of internal organizing pockets. Nothing fancy, but it gets the job done.

There really isn’t much that stands out, but altogether, this is a great piece of Delsey luggage for anyone wanting that Parisian style in a softside case that functions really well without breaking the bank.

Delsey Skymax 2.0 Carry-On Specs:

Dimensions 23″ x 14″ x 10″
Capacity 47L
Weight 5.7 lbs

Underseat bags are awesome.

I love being able to keep all my essentials close at hand: snacks, electronics, books, more snacks…

an underseat bag can be a great option if you need just a bit of extra space in addition to a carry-on bag, or as a standalone if you are traveling super light.

The Delsey Helium DLX Underseater is a fantastic little carry-on bag that can count as your personal item for most flights around the world. That can be a huge advantage if you’re trying to avoid expensive carry-on or checked baggage fees.

It’s lightweight, rolls smoothly on two wheels, and has plenty of pockets for staying organized (including an easy-access hidden pocket that’s great for passports.

Delsey Helium DLX Underseater Specs:

Dimensions 15″ x 14″ x 9″
Capacity 25L
Weight 5 lbs

If you need the absolute maximum internal space for long haul journeys or packing for a family, you can’t go wrong with trunk luggage. Trunks are big and strong, and their deeper shape is great if you need to pack odd-shaped bulky items (or are just bringing a ton of stuff).

The Peugeot Voyages 29” Trunk is one of my favorite pieces of trunk luggage on the market. It’s huge—97 L of storage space! The polycarbonate and aluminum construction is pretty much bomb-proof, so you won’t have to worry about anything happening to your stuff.

Instead of a zipper, this big trunk has beefy hinges on one side and tough latches on the other. The latches each have an integrated TSA lock. This design will be much more secure than any standard zippered suitcase. Plus, with no zipper to snag, it will last a very long time.

Inside the case, each half can be its own zippered compartment, or you can leave the dividers open to have one huge cavity for bulky items. I haven’t tried fitting a tuba in it, but I bet it would work.

I also love that it has carry handles on pretty much every side. When you need to lift a big case into and out of cars, onto the check-in scale, or onto the roof of a bus, more luggage handles are always better.

A word of warning: this thing is big, bulky, and heavy (though lighter than many competing trunks). It definitely isn’t for everyone. Make sure you know this is really what you need, otherwise it will probably be a bit overkill (a lot overkill, I mean).

Delsey Peugeot Voyages 29″ Trunk Specs:

Dimensions 31″ x 16″ x 14″
Capacity 97L
Weight 12.3 lbs

If you need multiple suitcases, buying luggage sets can be a great way to save a bit of money on a package deal. Plus, your bags will all be matching.

Delsey luggage offers several awesome sets, but the best one is their ST Tropez 2-Piece Set. In this set you get two stylish and durable hardside suitcases: a compact carry-on and a massive 30-inch checked case.

Both cases are made with highly durable polycarbonate, and with this package you get them at a much lower price than high-end polycarbonate suitcases from most brands.

I also love the interior organization of both these suitcases. The interiors are packed with dividers and pockets (including two shoe pouches, so it’s easy to keep everything organized.

One downside is that the carry-on doesn’t have any external pockets. While that’s fairly standard for hardside bags, I think external pockets are a huge plus in carry-on bags, and I wish one were included.

Delsey ST Tropez 2-Piece Set Specs:

Dimensions 22″ x 14″ x 10″ 30″ x 19″ x 12″
Capacity 51L 110L
Weight 7.7 lbs 10.7 lbs

Duffel bags are great for their simplicity, durability, and sheer packing space. While most Delsey luggage includes stylish hard and soft sided suitcases, they do offer a range of duffel bags that offer great functionality while still sneaking in a bit of that Delsey style.

The Delsey Raspail 28” is a big, bomber duffel bag that can handle just about anything you can fit in it. And you can fit a lot. It also packs in a lot more functionality than most duffel bags with it’s unique split design.

First off, did I mention that it’s big? If you need to carry a lot of stuff, this will get the job done.

Most duffel bags just have one big zippered opening into a cavernous main compartment, but the Raspail duffel changes things up a bit. Instead of a big top opening, this bag has a zipper around the perimeter that splits it into two sections, sort of like a clamshell suitcase design. This gives you two separate compartments to pack and makes it way easier to keep things separated and organized.

This massive duffel rolls on two oversized cushioned wheels that handle rougher surfaces with ease. You won’t have to worry about broken wheels on cobblestone streets or dirt paths with this one.

Delsey Raspail 28″ Specs:

Dimensions 28″ x 14″ x 12″
Capacity 71L
Weight 6.6 lbs

Delsey Luggage Accessories

You’ll need more than just luggage for traveling. Fortunately, Delsey Paris offers a full range of travel accessories that will perfectly complement one of their suitcases.

Here are my top picks for accessories from Delsey Paris to get you fully geared up for your next trip:

Delsey Packing Cubes

I hate it when my suitcase turns into a chaotic mess on trips, but it seems impossible to avoid. Stuff gets jumbled around, and before I know it I can’t find my last pair of underwear.

These Delsey luggage Packing Cubes give you a convenient way to improve your organization in your suitcase. They come in a pack of four with different sizes, so you can have dedicated spaces for shirts, socks, and more.

Delsey Chatelet Air Toiletry Bag

A toiletry bag is an absolute essential for any traveler. This compact little toiletry bag is perfect for keeping all of your small essentials organized and accessible. It has a wide zippered opening and multiple compartments inside to hold everything in place.

Plus, it looks really stylish. Maybe no one but you will see it, but at least you can appreciate it.

Delsey Garment Bag

If you travel with a suit, dress shirts, dresses, or other more formal clothing, keeping them crisp and unwrinkled can be a major challenge. I traveled around Europe for six months with a suit in tow, and it seemed to always be crumpled.

This Delsey Garment Bag can fit inside your luggage or strap to the handle, and it works perfectly for preventing wrinkles while traveling. It’s lightweight and very easy to use, unlike some more complicated garment bags.

Delsey Accessory Stickers

Okay, it may seem a bit silly to count stickers as a luggage accessory, but have you ever had the experience of watching dozens of suitcases come around the baggage claim carousel and not knowing which is yours? Yeah, it’s the worst.

Fortunately, Delsey sells these decorative letter stickers that let you customize your bag to make it easy to identify. Plus, they come in a wide range of fun colors!

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